About us:

The Willdon Building is owned by the Lorraine Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit foundation, and operated by the Willdon Development Committee (WDC). The WDC was formed in 2017 as an extension of the Lorraine Foundation to lead the restoration and development of the Willdon Building as well as manage its operation. Financial profits earned by the Willdon Building's operation fund its continung renovations as well as other Lorraine Foundation projects. 

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The Willdon Team


Alex Houmes

Chairman, Willdon Development Comittee

After receiving a tour of the Willdon in 2016, Alex learned of the buildings rich history and realized the life and potential it still has. He lead quick actions to secure it's future and formed the Willdon Development Committee in 2017. Alex also serves on the Hoopeston City Council as Ward III Alderman, as Vice President of the Lorraine Foundation, and works in Materials Management at Watchfire Signs. 


Carol Nicols

Officer, Willdon Development Comittee

As Director of the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Carol has helped support and development numerous local business. Her extensive knowledge in local economics, business requirements, cash flow management, and business financing has played a crucial role in the Willdon's success. She is also available to assist with the startup and growth of all businesses the Willdon Building houses. 


Karla Coon

Officer, Willdon Development Comittee

Life long resident and advocate for Hoopeston, Karla serves as Director of the DACC Hoopeston Higher Learning Center. She contributes to many community development projects through her involvement with the Hoopeston Rotary Club, Economic Development Committee, and Lorraine Foundation. Her administrative skills and experience has made the Willdon Building a premier place to do business.